Popmoney Sunset FAQs

What is Popmoney®?

Popmoney® is a service within online banking used to send money to other people.


What does Popmoney® sunsetting mean?

Community State Bank’s third-party digital banking platform has announced their intention to phase out the Popmoney® service on June 30, 2023. Popmoney® will no longer be accessible in your online and mobile banking to send payments to other people after that date.


What do I need to do before Popmoney® is no longer available?

If you use Popmoney® to send recurring payments to friends and family, connect with them on a new recurring payment arrangement. Be sure to cancel your recurring Popmoney® payment before June 30, 2023.


Does Community State Bank offer an alternative payment service?

Community State Bank will continue to offer the following solutions:

  • External Funds Transfer allows you to transfer money between accounts you have with us and accounts you have at other financial institutions. (To access this service, under “Move Money”, choose “External Transfer”.)
  • Bill Pay allows you to pay bills and send money to those you trust.
  • Community State Bank can set up recurring ACH payments on your behalf (fees apply).
  • Wire transfer (fees apply)